Aerial Vehicles

The Ultimate Guide To Flying A Drone

During holidays, so many people buy new drones for fun. Lack of knowledge on how to fly one will cause crashing. A drone can be flown safely if several guidelines are followed. Even if you have failed driving test countless times, don’t  give up on drone flying as it is extremely easy.


  • Rules and regulations

First, consider the rules regarding drone flying and take the necessary safety tests. If you want to venture into commercial drone flying, you will need to enroll for an aviation course, pass the exams, and then get license from the airport authorities. Generally, drones must not be flown above 150 meters from the ground on a highly populated area.

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle training

This type of training is normally offered to people who want to major in professional aerial photography and film making. Training encompasses theory and practical exams. A drone school must be approved by the government authorities.

  • Maiden flight

This is the very first flight a drone user takes. A proper pilot needs aviator sunglasses when flying a drone. The drone is remotely controlled by a pilot on the ground sing a game-pad remote controller. If you want to take aerial pictures, ensure that the drone has camera. Few drones consist of fixed wings while others like Half chrome drones operate with multiple rotors. During the first flight, keep in mind what you’ve learn in a drone school and the checklist. The compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope must be tested before flying. Flying a drone is much simpler than what most beginners think. If you push up the stick, the drone will smoothly rise above. If you need the drone to hover in a place, all you do is releasing the stick. From there, you can take it to the right or left. If it is a good drone, it will respond steadily just like a PC game.

If you want to learn to fly a drone, start by understanding that drones are potentially hazardous. They can crash and destroy properties or people due to the presence of revolving propellers.


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